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KidFit 30 Day Challenge 



Dear Mighty Rattler Parents,

Here is the May Challenge!

This year, the other elementary school P.E. teachers and I have set a goal of getting more kids, and their families, to enjoy all the benefits of being active and healthy with our FitKids 30-Day Challenges.

Here’s how it will work;

  1. Prior to the start of each month, your student will receive a new 30-Day Challenge in their pee chee.

  2. Each day, they pick ONE of the activities listed and perform it as described. 

    1. If they don’t know or understand the activity, feel free to contact me at for some clarification, or have them ask me at school.

  3. Put your (the parent) initials in the circle next to the listed activity.

  4. Write the date next to the circle.

  5. Repeat #2 - #4 until the month is over.

  6. During the first class of the next month, your child can turn in their completed Challenge Sheet to me. If your child has completed 26 of the 30 activities listed, they will receive a special prize!!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me at

Wishing you a fun, active and healthy life,

Mr. Tretton


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